Gems Radio

The Gems New Media Network is a multi media network that provides edutainment programs that inspire and mobilizes your committment to be your best self.
The Vision of the Gems New Media Network group aims to be a leading influence in Local and global environments to make decisions that contribute to cultivating the culture of peace and prosperity.
The mission of the Gems New Media Network group is to strengthen our women and uplift our men..
Our philosophy is to promote and encourage the increase and expansion
Of ownership.  We encourage you to dream  inspire you through music, information and  instruction to make your dream reality through smart talk and news from our local and international communities.
We believe that the intended destination of the human potential; male or female,
Hispanic, Asian , Black or white is an environment governed by success laws that cultivates environments of peace and prosperity.
Our destination is the promised land!
Primary Goals
1. To provide a powerful and effective
     Marketing and advertising platform
     For business.
2.  To also contribute to the growth,
      Development and diversification
      On our Gems Online Mall
3.  To assist with the local and global
      Distribution and marketing of original
4.  To inspire equality and stronger
5.   To adhere to a code of conduct that
       Reflects christian values including
     love, integrity, ethics and excellence.

Current track